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10 Movie Blunders Which No One Noticed

10 Movie Blunders Which No One Noticed

Hollywood movies have entertained us for almost a century now and there is still no stopping to this blooming industry that earns a lot of money internationally. Today, movies are more than entertainment because they not only provide us two hours of happiness but also help us think beyond our imagination and various art forms. Innovative scripts and stories, visual effects, technically strong production helps in making a movie a masterpiece. However, humans are bound to make errors and sometimes we notice them in movies as well. Normally, these errors are noticed and removed, but still there are some blunders that missed the eye of the director. Here are 10 movie blunders that you might have not noticed yet, but you can certainly spot them if you see these movies again.


Will Smith is one of the finest actors in Hollywood and there is no doubt about it, so let’s take a look at a blunder in his fast action political thriller, “Enemy of the State”. This movie has some really fast action that would keep you on the edge of your seat but there are many goofs in the movie that go unnoticed. In one of the action scenes we see that Zavits is trying to flee on a bicycle from National Security agents and in an attempt to do so he jumps across the fence on the other side of the road but he is hit by a fire truck. If you take a look at that scene again you will see that Zavits already clears the fence safely and fire truck is at a safe distance and the next scene that follows shows Zavits hit by a fire truck.


Another good thriller that received a lot of appreciation was Flightplan that had Jodie Foster in one of her best roles till date. The movie is entirely shot inside an aircraft, at least that is what we see in the movie, but there are still some mistakes that are made in the movie and that we missed out as well. Just before Jodie Foster is about to enter the aircraft with her daughter in the beginning of the movie she tells that the aircraft has 4 engines but later on when she enters the cockpit we see only 2 engine instruments. Quite strange, isn’t it?


Final Destination is considered as one of the best supernatural horror movies which created a new trend of movies where college teenager became the victims of death. The very first Final Destination movie which was released in the year 2000 had a classic action scene where a BC Rail train smashes Carter’s car. Well, nothing wrong in that but as per the movie the story happens in New York while the BC Rail runs only in Canada.


Mel Gibson is known for making sensible movies that not only are technically good but they have a strong script to backup their project. Apocalypto which was released in 2006 took us back into Mayan age but during one scene where Jaguar Paw is being hunt by Mayan. We see that Jaguar Paw hides in the tree which the camera is focused on the torch lights burning appearing in the distance. At that time a close up of Jaguar Paw reveals that his labret (lip piercing) is missing, but appears in the next scene immediately.


A Serious Man might have received a lot of appreciation at the Golden Globes and at various other award ceremonies but in one of the scenes we see that Larry Gopnik receives a mail that has address with a zip code 55401. As per the movie, Larry Gopnik teaches at a suburban college but the zip code 55401 is in downtown Minneapolis.


A Mighty Heart was a hard hitting drama based on a true story that took the world by storm. However, there are many scenes in the movie where you see Fiat taxis and trucks with Indian number plates which shows that the movie was shot in Pune and Mumbai and not in Karachi.


Do you remember the movie called Babel? Of course, it had superb editing and direction but there is a scene where after the movie, Amelia and her nephew along with Jones children try to enter USA using Tecate border where they get lost in the desert. However, in reality Tecate border is a mountainous region and there is no desert. The shot shown in the movie is Arizona border crossing.


Coming back to Will Smith again this time for Bad Boy 2, where he and Martin Lawrence are the bad boys who bust the drug mafia. In one of the scenes, we see that they find money in the coffin but look again this time, the money clearly has a print on it saying – For Motion Picture Use Only.

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We all know the animation movies are imaginary but still there are many animation movies where blunders happened. Madagascar which was released in 2005 was an instant hit with the audience, but Madagascar: Escape to Africa shows Alex’s paw having a birthmark, than why wasn’t it shown in the earlier installment.


In another Academy award winning animation movie named Wall-E we see that when the scout ship storms out of the earth’s atmosphere millions of smaller satellites are just standing still. However, in reality satellites need to keep on hovering because if they stand still they will be pulled into Earth by its gravitational force.

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