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Top 5 Crazy Tattoos in Movies

Top 5 Crazy Tattoos in Movies

Are you crazy about tattoos? Well, tattoos have always remained in the limelight because they express the feelings of a person who is wearing it. Tattoos are just not some vague designs made on the body, but they serve many other deeper purposes apart from show-off. To many of us tattoos are more than just symbols; they are the symbols of independence and freedom. You might have come across many Hollywood movies where you see a tattoo on the muscular arm of the actor. Of course, it does act like a show-off but it signifies a deeper meaning that the character in the movie is independent and carefree and that tattoo symbolizes his I-don’t-care attitude. There are many movies where actors have worn tattoos for various reasons but here are some really crazy tattoos seen in the movies.

Find Him and Kill Him


I am sure most of you must have definitely watched Memento by Christopher Nolan where a man loses his ability to make any new memories and prefers tattoos on his body instead of using a notepad to remember important things that should be follow up. Find Him and Kill Him is  one of the craziest tattoos I have ever seen in movies where the hero of the movie keeps reminding himself that he still has not killed the murderer of his wife. Crazy one, isn’t it?



When we are talking of tattoos we cannot afford to forget XXX where Vin Diesel as Xander Cage turned into a new generation James Bond who would save the planet from destruction. Vin Diesel is seen sporting a kind of American and tribal tattoo that really makes no sense at all. Though, you can see good detailing work but those designs have no resemblance with the movie. Also you would see Chaos design with flames on Vin Diesel’s stomach. So what does chaos and flames on the stomach mean? Hunger?

Darth Maul


Well, this one does have an originality but if you can find some meaning about this black and red tattoo than definitely do write something about it. To some extent this red and black tattoo looks like a muscular diagram of human body. The red and black combination does look attractive but certainly this is one of the craziest tattoos that have been appreciated by many people.

Battling Demons


Now this tattoo looks like a fire alarm symbol when you see it from far but the tattoo is known as battling demons. The tattoo is sported by none other than Keanu Reeves in his supernatural thriller Constantine where he plays the title character who has the ability to see and drive demons and ghosts. The tattoo is a circle with a triangle inside which has a symbol of fire and three arrows at the bottom of the triangle. Even the film makers of Constantine decided not to give out any information about the tattoo because there is no meaning.

Nordic Rune


Although, we all know what Nordic runes are but the director of Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Azkaban were quite confused how to use these symbols and therefore they used them as silly tattoos that were sported by Gary Oldman who played the role of Sirius Black in the movie. Even the book did not mentioned anything about the tattoo but something hit the directors and they decided to add the tattoo to their movie to make the character more interesting, but instead the film makers had to satisfy themselves with mixed reactions from the public about the unnecessary use of tattoos on the body of Sirius Black.

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